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Seven weeks in Tibet

6 June 2023

There is no tropical island nearby could set my mind at ease from my hustling city life. Ahead is a 21-day solo road trip I planned from my hometown to Lhasa. It begins with admiration to the devoted Tibetan pilgrims who prostrate themselves fully at each step of their pilgrimage, from home to their holy land. I, instead, planned my own with a nice ride and The Weekend.

The physical challenges I must overcome in high altitude of Tibetan highlands are nothing compared to the solitary of a road trip on treacherous roads through endless mountains. All that time and space for myself allow me to absorb the beauty of nature and a little bit of contemplation on life, and salute to humans and wildlife I encounter every day. The end of all roads is rewarding.

Lhasa and the entirety of Tibetan territory where I set my foot, are just as majestic as I hoped.

My journey does not end at the city of Lhasa but carries on to the base camp at Qomolangma – my holy land. It literally takes my breath away when I sight her graceful image from afar as the wind penetrates my lungs at every breath and tears my eyes at every glance.

Here I complete my first pilgrimage. It marks the beginning of Poppy & Pepper, – it’s about time to get my act together.