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Wares to treasure and enjoy

Enduring and considered ceramics and housewares that elevate the everyday. Designed in Melbourne, handcrafted in Jingdezhen.

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A timeless monochromatic collection

Inspired by the quintessential beauty of the Chinese begonia flower.

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Handmade integrity, individual quality

Explore our new series of collectable mugs.

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Australian Animals

A stunning gradient glaze paired with an embossed tile depicting an Australian animal – the defining features of this collection’s unique charm.

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We strive to create your favourite things – Housewares that do more than capture the eye, but bring deeper appreciation into everyday moments.

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The iconic shape is the focal point of this sophisticated collection, the resulting aesthetic a harmonious blend of strength and elegance.

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Small batch production

Expertly made with care by craftspeople,
with an attention to detail that’s palpable.


Ethical and eco-friendly

We only use the highest-quality materials,
which are by nature environmentally friendly.


Made to endure

Timeless in design, and produced with integrity
to withstand and enjoy.