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Inspired by the timeless beauty of the Chinese begonia flower and evolved from a classic form found in traditional window frames and quintessential household items, we bring you Cloud.  The iconic shape is the focal point of this sophisticated collection, the resulting aesthetic a harmonious blend of strength and elegance.

Embodying the concept of Cloud, we present two distinct series: Light and Dark.

A timeless monochromatic collection meticulously handcrafted to infuse elegance into everyday dining.

Simplicity is the essence of a timeless design.

However, the simpler the aesthetic the more precision required in the handcrafting process to deliver uniform excellence. Our skilled ceramicists dedicated numerous rounds of testing to achieve the delicate equilibrium of curves and corners that define this collection. You’ll discover that every piece expresses a mastery of craft – beautifully consistent while retaining the ephemeral quality of the handmade.


Beyond shape alone, Cloud is characterised by its contemporary monochromatic colour scheme.

Each series – Light and Dark – expresses a fresh, cool appearance.

The Light series uses a distinct speckle to deliver a stunning stoneware feel; the Dark series embodies its textural counterpart but with a solid inky black glaze.


Both series are created from porcelain clay: plates and bowls are hand-casted; tumblers and mugs, hand-poured.

All wares are then hand trimmed to perfect the edges and mugs are hand mounted with their handles.

Following casting, the larger Cloud pieces are hand-sprayed with glaze while the smaller cups and bowls, hand-dipped.

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