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Poppy & Pepper is an Australian independent and women-led housewares brand creating enduring and considered pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful.

We emerged from an aspiration to contribute a meaningful thread to the fabric of contemporary Australian design. Inherent in every collection – every piece – is an expression of a connection between two cultures: a modern Australian sensibility, melded with age-old Chinese ceramic traditions. Together, these inspirations embody our Founder and Creative Director, Shiàoh’s, own Chinese-Australian identity, and shape the unique aesthetic we’re known for.

Meet Shiàoh

With a background in creative design, Shiàoh has never found complete fulfilment in her years of corporate pursuits. As such, she’s been shaping and dreaming about Poppy & Pepper for some time. Fuelled by a deep passion for art and history, Shiàoh explores every museum and art gallery in her travels. The more she uncovers the wonders of the world, the more compelled she is to infuse her creations with her own heritage and life experiences.

Always attracted to handmade ceramics for both their sustainability and capacity to unite Chinese and Australian sensibilities, it was the natural choice for Poppy & Pepper’s focus.  

Mindful design

We’re ignited by our passion for art and design; fascinated by the process of translating it into meticulously crafted wares that bring a new level of elegance and appreciation to everyday living.

Poppy & Pepper’s favourite subject is Australian nature and we celebrate it – both intricately and abstractly – through colour palettes, patterns and imagery. Yet in form, we draw inspiration from the timeless and refined shapes of traditional Chinese design, expanding across time periods.

The result is a signature design aesthetic we’ve called Figure & Form – it embraces ‘both’, while entwined with our appreciation for the well-made.

We prioritise design – by that we mean we value design integrity, never compromising it through cheaper, faster, or easier technical solves.

Our creation process

Our journey begins with an idea, not a prescribed process and so, for us, the creative pursuit has to take precedence. We resist the temptations of shortcuts or cost-effective solutions, for we believe in preserving the essence of our designs, even when faced with technical challenges.

Our approach involves research, detailed blueprint refinements, rigorous testing, and review to meet the highest standards for function and aesthetics. We want our pieces to not only serve a purpose but carry a sense of wonder and artistry.

Handcrafted quality

In the realm of ceramic production, handcrafting is not only a choice but part of the ephemeral essence of every Poppy & Pepper piece. Our creations bear the indelible marks of handcrafted expertise from our potters and ceramic artisans based in Jingdezhen, China.

Jingdezhen pottery holds a profound place in Chinese art and life, and in the world of ceramics more broadly. Its history has allowed for continuous refinement and innovation, creating a legacy of pottery craftsmanship celebrated across the globe. Our wares, in turn, are imbued with 1,700 years of ceramic tradition, history, experience and knowledge.


As a young and evolving business, we believe in giving back to the world that inspires our craft. We proudly allocate a portion of our profits to support Australian conservation organisations, aligning our mission with their environmental initiatives.

One important decision that sets us apart is our deliberate choice to refrain from running sales throughout the year. This strategic move is rooted in our dedication to offering quality pieces at reasonable prices – at all times.

We believe in promoting mindful, purposeful purchases rather than encouraging rushed decisions driven by sales. And, while sales will remain a part of our business strategy, they will be held with consideration and intent, as we continue to balance our ethos with the practicalities of sustaining a viable business.

Our Values

Above all, we value the people that make Poppy & Pepper: our Australian artists in Melbourne, our ceramic artisans in Jingdezhen, and the customers who support our business – thank you.


Inclusion & diversity

As a young Australian brand drawing inspiration from our Chinese heritage, inclusion and diversity are deeply important to us. These values are ingrained, not only in who we are, but how we operate. We strive to be inclusive across every facet of our business; to lead by example and make a meaningful contribution to a diverse modern Australia.


Respect for culture & nature

We acknowledge First Nations Australians and pay our respects to their Elders. Most of us in this country have come from somewhere else and are grateful to live and work here. Indigenous Australians have cared for lands and waters for tens of thousands of years – we value their leadership, their example, and strive to follow it by honouring our natural resources.



Meaning an absence of pretence or hypocrisy, we value sincerity literally via the words we choose, and figuratively via the products we create. Sincerity is honest and transparent, simple and from the heart. Sincerity, to us, also means that we produce our products mindfully, through honest and respectful relationships with makers, then sell them fairly.

New Collection

Australian Animals

A stunning gradient glaze paired with an embossed tile depicting an Australian animal – the defining features of this collection’s unique charm.

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