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28 May 2024

Australian Animal Mugs are one of the first collections I started to develop when Poppy & Pepper was just an idea in my head. One can never have too many mugs in one’s kitchen inventory, naturally they are a must-be creation for my brand.

I wanted them to be both Chinese and Australian, which is my design framework.

Subject matter: iconic Australian animals

Creative challenge: how to feature our favourite Aussie animals in an everyday homeware design like no one has done it before?

Always fascinated by traditional Chinese ceramic tea ware designs, but struggle to find them useful in my daily routine because I have different tea ritual. I decided to take inspiration and create my own mugs.

Culturally, auspicious signs or charms are often found on house front door or window frame. Embossing a clay stamp of the same ingenuity to tea wares is profoundly Chinese, and unique.

Execution is key. My mugs should resonate with the animals not only on the embossed tiles but also overall look and feel. Glaze development took place as the other crucial part of the creation process.

I am very proud of the results and looking forward to creating new animal mugs in future.